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Started in Minnesota by two immigrants who endured the water crisis, Didómi is a social enterprise that uses funds generated from water bottle sales to combat the water crisis. 

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Anaa Jibicho


Anaa Jibicho is a refugee from Ethiopia. He lost two siblings due to water related disease and got sick himself due to a water related disease. Anaa immigrated to the United States in 2007. His commitment to his community and education led to many recognitions such as the National Midwest Regional Youth of the Year, Gates Scholar, and Dell Scholar. He was also recently recognized as Minnesota's 25 under 25 for his work with Didomi in making a difference across the world. 

Michael Negussie

Michael Negussie is a visionary artist and scholar hailing from Ethiopia. After immigrating to the U.S. in 2002, he has passionately channeled his global perspective and unique experiences into empowering young people around the world to realize their potential. He envisions a world in which youth across Ethiopia and the world aren’t burdened by a lack of basic resources - like clean water. His belief in the power of one individual to be a catalyst of global change drives his work at Didomi. 

Lamah Bility

Co-Founder & CEO

Lamah Bility is an immigrant from Liberia who woke up every morning to walk miles to get water for his family. After coming to United States in 2008, he was driven to find a way to make in impact in the lives of people around the world. For his efforts, he was awarded the highest student award at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. Lamah wants to give back to people around the world, who, like him, didn't have access to clean, safe water. 

Brian Bishop

Brian Bishop is an artist, community leader, and social entrepreneur born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico by and for the community. As the recipient of the Albuquerque Youth Volunteer of the Year award in 2018 he has a passion for making the world a better place for those in the global family. With Didómi his mission is to bring together that family to unite over and amplify the stories of triumph and the water crisis through bottles designs and visual narratives.

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